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Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm Back

If I ever talk about "taking a break" again, someone kick me, please.
And it certainly appears that Spiral had his share of fun while I was gone o_O

Last week was a nightmare -shudder-
I thought things would get better. They didn't.
They got worse.

You know, it'll probably be easier if I just post my journal from last week to show what happened.

Ugh. I hate my math teacher. She's SO ANNOYING. And she's horrible at teaching. I love math but I hate her class. Doesn't really help that 2/3 of what she's teaching us is what I learned last year.

I'm excited
My friend's birthday is on Thursday. I know exactly what I'm getting her. It's gonna be fun.
And my horticulture teacher's birthday is on Friday. That's right, April Fool's day. We're already planning what to do to her what to get her for her birthday.

I tried. I really tried. I though that if I ignored it enough that it'd go away. But it's showing up even more now and I'm scared. I felt kind of better once I made the blog cause even though not many read it I still didn't feel so alone.
But I can't get on it know I just see a blank page and I think my oldest brother's been hallowed he's only nine but he oh god I can't think about this he's only nine LEAVE HIM ALONE


...I'm going to kill Spiral. How'd he even get in here? He just opened my door and walked in. It was pretty obviously him even though I'd never seen him before. His mask is plain white with a small, black spiral up on his right cheekbone.
I'm gonna try and write the conversation. I'm officially paranoid now so I had my ipod videotaping my room.

Spiral: -walking in.- Why are you crying?

Me: -glaring at him- Shut up.

S: You know, things would be so much easier if you would just-

M: Shut UP!

S: -he leans against my wall- Are you still upset that you cannot access your precious blog?

M: -at this point I turn away and refuse to answer-

S: You said a week, and we are holding you to that. Once the week is up you are more than welcome to-

M: -I try to punch him-

S: -chuckles- Oh, come one, you should know by now that attacking me will change nothing.

M: -I glare at him again- Just go away.

S: ...I am growing impatient. I have not yet failed the master and I do not intend to fail him now.

M: Are you deaf? Go. Away.

S: -smirks. you could hear it in his voice- On the other hand, you could always lose another-

M: GO AWAY! LEAVE THEM ALONE! -I try to attack him again but he almost disdainfully throws me to the ground-

S: Didn't I tell you? Attempting to attack me achieves nothing.

M: -I go back to ignoring him-

S: Fine, then. I will return again later. Have a nice day.

Same old, same old. Nothing new happening.

Nightmares are not fun. Especially when you know they're Slender-designed specifically to draw on your worst fears and sap your will.

My mom forgot to get the mail and I stepped outside to grab it.
Lo and behold who was outside. None other than my dear old buddy Spiral!
He tried to corner me. I, then, regrettably had no other choice but to pull out my 10 inch, serrated knife and slice him with it. His howl of pain was very satisfactory.
For once it's nice to have parents who are totally oblivious to anything even remotely Slendy-related; my mom had no reaction at all as I calmly walked inside (with the mail she sent me out to get) and begain to clean my knife off.

Tomorrow's the day.

I can't wait
Don't wanna be late
This is gonna be great

Week of nightmares ends
I'll be back among friends
As my sanity mends

The sun is out at last
Ending my long dark fast
It's all now in the past

I greet life with a grin
Laugh at the world's noisy din
This time I'm sure to win!

...please excuse me while I go crawl off in a corner and cry catch up on what I've missed.

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