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Monday, April 4, 2011

It's too hot

I mean seriously. Its like we have a week of spring and then jump head first into summer ;_;
I'm on my school's golf team (whaddya mean it's not a sport) and we had to walk nine holes in freakin eighty degree weather.

Things I forgot to do to combat this weather:
-Wear a hat
-put sunblock on
-bring a water bottle
-get somehing filling to eat beforehand
-wear a light colored shirt

Not to mention that this was a golf course. Ergo trees.
It wasn't that bad. I think I only saw it oh... Five or six times.

Ok. Maybe that was bad. But I was in a group and it didn't actually do anything.

Now for some other stuff:
Frap- I hope things get better for you D:
Joce- I'd like to say essentially the same thing, but for different reasons know, extend that feeling to everyone out there. We all need it.



  1. Huh? I mean, things are pretty good right now.

  2. I guess I was more talking about the people who've suddenly decided they hate you.

  3. Hm? Someone new? I mean, I know what's happened the past few days...but it's not really very hatey.