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A few notes:
  • This is a huge work in progress and I am still painstakingly making my way through each and every blog I can find.
  • "Revenants" will be referred to with quotations until clarification comes as to whether or not they really exist.
  • Please forgive my lack of complete sentences. I'm currently typing this up as quickly as I can in the lat few minutes of my business class.

Period between 2002-2004
A really really huge war that involved, from what I can tell, multiple planes of existence. Waiting for AmalgamationSage to post more information before I attempt to elaborate

December 21, 2010
Battle of the Solstice
I have a full document on this but I can't get at it right now. Will add it once I can.

February 28, 2011
the Massacre of PTC
Slender Man Division HQ was attacked. At least eight "Revenants" (who were all killed in the attack) were recorded in the attack. Casualties were huge. Most of the Basroil and Nightstalker Squads were killed along with several other squads that were completely wiped out. Considered a warning.