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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Finally managed to get on and found Spiral's little post. Would it KILL the guy to leave off for a day?
I can't plug it into a translator either since I have no current access to a computer -_-
but I recognize those quotes



  1. "You can stop looking for your diary, dear Jess. I have it safe and sound and I will take very good care of it.
    And to all those out there reading this: What has she deigned not to tell year? Dear Jess comes across nice and sane on this blog, but her diary tells a different story..."

    "Here I have transcribed as best I can the first three entries in dear Jess's diary that have to do with the Master.
    ...I would like to mention that hardly any of dear Jess's diary entries at this point in time have dates. And no, before you ask, I did not make any of these entries up. Dear Jess can vouch for the validity of this herself.

    Yeah, fuck that again. Get a really really good password, ok?

  2. Thanks ^^
    And I did. My password is like twelve characters long and it's just a random combination of numbers and letters. doesn't seem to help :(